"Triple G" is Gregg Lancer


BEFORE I tell you about how I am fighting for my freedoms as a proud American, check this out . . .

Born in New Jersey and moved to California at age 3, Triple G, (me), quickly adapted to the California climate with ample sunshine and water sports, and started swimming and piano lessons by age 3, while singing along with my show tunes-loving dad throughout any given day. When "The Partridge Family" sitcom entered the hearts of America, it captured my heart & soul and the rockstar seed was planted! I also developed a deep-seated love for the ocean and surfing about the same time and I am as stoked today with music and surfing as I was when I first started. I'm definitely "high on life" and within minutes of hanging out with me, you'll see (and hear) that for yourself!

With decades of performance & recording experience, Triple G, (me), has become a unique and dynamic vocalist with an expansive vocal range and style that inspires, encourages, and edifies my audiences.  I'm professionally vocally trained by Seth Riggs, Roger Love, Rebecca Drake, and others, and I've created my own style of teaching people to sing, perform, and record. In addition, recognizing where my musical gifts and talents come from, I am compelled to worship and praise my Lord & Savior & Father God, whether in church or outside. "Why not?" I say openly and playfully, as I continues to challenge myself vocally and musically, in pursuit of reaching for more and more of what I can do with music and my singing voice. I'm also compelled to "give back" the vocal gifts I have enjoyed and love to teach people to sing. Without a doubt, Triple G, (me), have the vocal tools I need and I believe that we are all gifted with the ability to sing, but we have yet to open those gifts. Wanna open those gifts with Gregg?

On a weekly basis, I am an active and accomplished piano/keys player and singer at a handful of churches.  Plus, I'm a public speaker / teacher and performer, with "messages that edify," and I am  eager to be a blessing wherever I go.  Many of my recordings are available here on this music website and more are added as they are created. So please keep coming back to see and hear the latest additions. And sign up for my email list to find out about my musical events.

From school choirs with solo's as a cute little toddler, to a teen quartet, and to eventually, weekend party bands, Triple G was off and running towards being a dynamic frontman & lead vocalist. As an avid swimmer, skier and surfer, fitness always played a paramount role in my life as well, and thanks to my dad & professionally trained dancer brother, I also developed a love for theater and dance. So high energy, creative expressions of movement and sound are my forte.

So what makes Triple G so unique? I've taken years of dance, gymnastics, vocal, and performance classes, had years of studio recording for producers, songwriters and artists, and toured with tribute bands, rock bands, show bands, and even a Southern Gospel Quartet ~ performing to audiences of over 10,000 in major sports arenas.  AndI still want more! Why not?!

Currently, I am in the process of recording a solo album, while pursuing vocal talent competitions such as The Voice, and others, and look forward to getting the opportunity  to "share" my voice and message, rather than "prove" my singing ability. 


Please visit my friend’s website, www.TheHealthyAmerican.org   to learn about how you TOO can stand up for your rights in the midst of this “Pandemic of Fear” that has infiltrated our nation for more than a year now. It is a disease that has gripped the hearts and minds of MANY who don’t know or don’t want to know about their rights and what’s being taken away from them. THIS IS AN URGENT CALL TO TAKE ACTION. Your future and our children’s future deed on it! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! Get some today!!!